Optimising Workshop Expenses with Air Compressor Timers

Air leaks on compressed air systems are a significant cost to workshops. If air compressors are not turned off, they can be running un-attended during evenings, weekends and holidays, as air leaks call for the compressor to recharge the pressure in the system. If a typical 5kw compressor runs unattended for 5 mins per hour, this can cost 42 kw/hrs of wasted power / week. approx. (£350/year based on 16p/ kw/hr).

Here at Straightset, we have put together a very simple 7-day, programmable timer to run a motorised valve to turn the air supply from an air compressor on and of,f up to 24 times a day if required. The installation is simple when wired to an adjacent 240v spur, socket, or even the incoming supply for the compressor. It is simple and fail safe. This acts as a back up to turning off the air compressor.

A Wi-fi option is available. Contact our Straightset teams for more information on 01909 480055 or info@straightset.co.uk.

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