Ring Automotive launches 100A SmartCharge Pro battery charger

Ring Automotive has launched the new 100A SmartCharge Pro (RSCP10024), a versatile smart charger, battery maintainer and analyser suitable for intensive workshop and showroom use across mixed vehicle fleets.

The powerful new unit provides 100A of continuous charge for 12V batteries and 80A for 24V battery support during diagnostics or data upload work, and can be used as an intensive power supply, rapidly recharging batteries in minutes.

Featuring a large colour LCD screen for optimum visibility in workshop settings, and diagnostic modes to check for potential battery and alternator problems before charging, the 100A SmartCharge Pro is the latest addition to Ring’s award-winning range, and removes hassle when working on any vehicle, from motorcycles and boats to passenger cars and heavy commercial vehicles.

Compatible with all start-stop alternators, the slimline 6.9 kilogram, 12/24V-output power supply rapidly recharges with variable amperage rates of five, 10, 30, 50, 60 and 100 amps on 12V power, and up to 80 amps on 24V power, allowing technicians to set the specific charge required for different battery types.

Ring’s SmartCharge Pro has two charging process modes, with its nine-stage process compatible with lead acid, gel, calcium, AGM, EFB and a seven-stage process for Lithium (LiFEPO4) batteries, which optimise the battery performance and improve the ability to hold charge.

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