Ring urges the need to protect batteries this autumn

Ring Automotive has reminded drivers and technicians of the need to maintain their vehicle batteries, after warm temperatures throughout summer threaten battery health as cold weather approaches.

Henry Bisson, marketing director at Ring, said: “Longer spells of hot weather, such as the heatwaves we’ve experienced over the summer months in the UK, has a lasting effect on battery chemistry, and can cause untimely failure if not taken care of.

“It’s thought that colder weather we have in autumn and winter is typically the cause of most battery failures, but the chemistry within a vehicle battery is far more active in hotter weather, which speeds up the aging process. Then when more charge is required to start a vehicle when it’s colder, that’s when issues present themselves. Fortunately, there are tools available to keep track of your battery’s health.”

Ring has developed the RSC804, RSC806 and RSC808 smart battery chargers and maintainers to keep drivers safer on the roads and able to easily restore power to their motorcycles, cars, 4x4s, vans and trucks in the event of a battery failure.

The 6A RSC806 battery charger and maintainer is award-winning, having achieved recommended status from Auto Express in its battery tests.

All three of the 800 series battery chargers are recommended for use with start/stop vehicles, and are compatible with lead acid, gel, calcium, EFB and AGM batteries.

RSC804, RSC806 and RSC808 all feature a cold weather charging mode that protects batteries in cold temperatures, typically the time of year where most battery failures occur.

Ring’s smart charger and battery maintainers keep batteries in good condition without the risk of overcharging – automatically adjusting to long-term maintenance mode when the battery is full.

Ring Automotive specialises in inspection lighting, battery tools and commercial vehicle components, shipping over 30 million bulbs to 60 countries worldwide.

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