Service Assist solves key pain point for garages

Garage management system specialist, TechMan, is enhancing the communication between garages and motorists with its Service Assist Tool, which enables garages to simplify one of the great pain points for busy workshops; communication.

TechMan’s Service Assist Tool has been designed to allow garages to show motorists – via easy to access videos – the reason for the repair. Used in conjunction with the online customer estimate authorisation portal, the customer can see repair details and cost, before approving the job.

The animated explainer videos show the motorist exactly what needs to be done to their vehicle and where or what the fault is, transforming complex repairs into something easy to understand to help the customer make an informed decision.

TechMan’s feature can help to build trust and confidence in customers, which ultimately will lead to a better retention rate for repeat work – and it helps the garage to explain the repair, especially complicated jobs, in an easy-to-digest format for increased customer knowledge.

Service Assist is also a great tool to help educate new team members on how to explain certain repairs, to ensure everything is clearly detailed and transparent.

Pete Mcilhiney, Aftersales Director at TechMan, comments: “The automotive industry is modernising at a rapid rate and it’s important we assist garages with the tools they need to effectively communicate what are often highly complex repair jobs, in a timely and efficient manner. The Service Assist feature also enhances the reputation of the overall garage, improves workshop morale and enables garages to focus on running a busy workshop.”

Mcilhiney adds: “Service Assist is key to helping garages communicate – transparently – the work that needs to be done, why and how. The response by Techman users so far has been very positive, as it allows them to enhance their communication with motorists.”

TechMan was launched in 2015 to help garages and technicians boost efficiency, improve customer service, increase productivity and grow profitability.

The specialist service offers garage owners, managers, technicians and front-of-house staff intuitive garage management tools and features to make life in a busy workshop easier – arguably more crucial than ever to stay competitive and meet the demands of today’s competitive market.

Key features of TechMan include job scheduling, reporting, service assist, a customer portal, purchase orders, Haynes Pro and Euro Car Parts catalogue integrations – and these are regularly updated to reflect customer real-time needs.

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