SMP Europe warns against low-quality or counterfeit EGR valves

Engine management specialist SMP Europe has reiterated the importance of high-quality EGR valves and engine sensors, to prevent longer-term and worsening issues on vehicles.

SMP Europe supplies various original equipment (OE) and aftermarket components, of an operational quality equivalent to OE or higher, through its Lucas, Lemark and Intermotor brands.

Lower quality engine management parts can cause multiple problems, from inefficient operation and increased pressure on other emissions components, through to premature failure, leading to more frequent replacement.

Sam Gospel, product manager at SMP Europe, said: “We have recently introduced a range of UK engineered and tested EGR valves, which we have developed to match the OE for performance at a more competitive price level and are constantly adding new references to our range as they are developed.

“Before parts are prepared for delivery, we put samples through extensive testing at our purpose-built test facility at our Centre of Engineering Excellence in Nottingham, along with on-vehicle testing to assure real-world performance.”

SMP Europe’s range of high-end EGR Valves includes 57 references, covering over 27 million popular vehicle makes and models in the European vehicle parc, with the company’s uncompromising approach to research and development continually widening its vehicle coverage.

“There is a range of different quality levels across the aftermarket, from OE equivalent, through to low-cost versions which use inferior quality components in order to be sold at a low price,” Gospel comments.

It is important to be sure of the quality of the source you are purchasing from, as EGR electronics are complicated and must be accurately calibrated to ensure the vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) receives the correct signal relating to valve angle and opening.

SMP Europe’s team of experienced engineers have designed and produced in-house test and calibration machines to ensure fully accurate calibration and product reliability through extensive and exacting quality assurance methods.

Martin Turner, marketing director at SMP Europe, said: “Following significant investment in our engineering capability, from software and machinery to test rigs, we have been able to significantly reduce the costs of tooling and manufacture by bringing many of the processes in house. This efficiency, however, doesn’t infringe on the quality of the end part, with SMP Europe dedicated to delivering the best performing EGR valves available to the aftermarket.”

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