TechMan highlights the importance of Garage Management Systems as MOT peak hits

Garage management system, TechMan, is encouraging garages and service centres to work smarter not harder - and ensure they plan ahead, particularly during the busy MOT season.

Research from GiPA* shows there will be an estimated 3.27 million vehicles in garages for MOTs in September, compared with 2.64 million four years ago in September 2018.

TechMan was launched in 2015 to help garages and technicians boost efficiency, improve customer service, increase productivity and grow profitability.

The specialist service offers garage owners, managers, technicians and front-of-house staff intuitive garage management tools and features to make life in a busy workshop easier – arguably more crucial than ever to stay competitive and meet the demands of today’s competitive market.

Key features of TechMan include job scheduling, reporting, service assist, a customer portal, purchase orders, Haynes Pro and Euro Car Parts catalogue integrations – and these are regularly updated to reflect customer real-time needs.

One of its most popular features is the MOT expiry date refresh, which offers TechMan customers a return on investment (ROI), or their money back.

This popular solution is in addition to the MOT expiry date lookup integration TechMan already offers. The MOT expiry date refresh gives customers an analysis of their entire customer vehicle data, producing a report and then updating the MOT dates in bulk, as necessary.

The objective is to update any expired or ‘not recorded’ MOT expiry dates. The system will start to send text and/or email reminders to drivers when their MOT expiry date nears, to encourage them to book.

TechMan analyses the current state of MOT dates within its customer data for dates that are current, expired and not recorded. TechMan will then provide a comprehensive bespoke report to the customer, detailing the findings, which includes a forecast of how many bookings they will need to make in order to get a return on the investment of carrying out the MOT dates refresh.

If the MOT refresh has not resulted in additional MOT bookings to cover the original refresh cost, TechMan will give customers the value of the refresh back in credits.

Leo Freebairn, National Sales Manager at TechMan, said: “We are continually updating our features in response to requests by workshops and our solutions are specifically developed to make hectic workshop days more manageable by reducing the amount of admin and serving up the right information required – as well as making the job of car maintenance easier for motorists.”

“The MOT expiry date refresh report is in response to those customers wanting to manage and track MOT dates – whilst offering them the best chance for a ROI.”

With new features regularly being rolled out, TechMan’s advanced training and support programme ensures garage businesses can meet their goals through the successful implementation of its Garage Management System.

A team of Success Managers are also on hand to ensure all TechMan users understand how to fully exploit the growing list of impressive tools in the application.

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