Thermal management solutions from Nissens

Every vehicle needs effective thermal management, whether that’s to control the temperature in the engine and gearbox, or the air conditioning (AC) system.

To achieve these sometimes conflicting objectives increasingly requires electrical sensors, which itself reflects the growing number of electronically controlled components utilised in modern vehicle design. Although physically small, these sensors have a critical function as their signals ensure that the AC and engine cooling systems are working correctly and operating at their optimum efficiencies, which also safeguards the longevity of other components within the systems.

As a result, Nissens Automotive (Nissens) offers engine coolant/oil temperature and AC sensors within its comprehensive range of thermal management products. These are all manufactured to Nissens Genuine Quality standards, to provide workshops with premium grade replacement components, which operate to the same performance levels as the original equipment (OE) part, to deliver an aftermarket solution they can depend on.

The Genuine Nissens Quality standard ensures that these, alongside the company’s many other products, deliver excellent durability and working performance, as well as trouble-free fitment. Naturally, in common with these other components, all the necessary installation parts whenever required by the original, for example, nuts, bolts, mounting clips and O-Rings, are included in the product box to provide a Nissens First Fit solution.

Naturally, precise product identification, technical information, along with detailed drawings and complete pictures, as well as further information, such as sensor type, thread size and connection shape data, is easily accessible via the Nissens online catalogue, which also contains imagery of each part.

The current sensor range consists of more than 44 pressure sensors for automotive climate systems and nearly 50 temperature sensors for engine cooling systems, which cater for almost 74 % and 60% of the European car parc respectively.

Sensors are, however, only part of the story, as components as diverse as engine cooling radiators, oil coolers, fans, expansion tanks, water pumps and intercoolers, as well as climate system parts such as condensers, compressors, evaporators, expansion valves, filter driers, cabin heaters and blowers, all feature in the complete Nissens thermal management offering, which totals nearly 7,000 part numbers that cater for more than 30,000 OE references and as much as 93% of the European car parc, in some product lines.

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