Thermal management solutions from Nissens

Every vehicle with a combustion engine, which therefore includes hybrids, needs effective thermal control of the engine, not only for cooling to prevent overheating, but also to achieve the quickest possible temperature build up to reach and then maintain it, at the optimum level.

Naturally, the combustion process causes very high temperature ranges, exposing the engine’s block and its equipment to extremely high thermal stress. Furthermore, turbocharged combustion systems also need sufficient air cooling to obtain the right charge performance, and manual gearboxes, as well as power transmission units, all need active thermal management to ensure each component is operating at its design temperature to ensure the optimum performance of the whole powertrain.

Central in the cooling system is the radiator, as ultimately it is the component that protects the engine from excessive heat and ensures its optimal performance. Therefore, only a replacement product of the correct design and highest quality is able to undertake this role effectively for the long term, so where should independent workshops turn to find such a solution?

Nissens Automotive (Nissens) is a thermal management expert that has developed a comprehensive engine cooling range alongside its air conditioning programme. These are all manufactured to Nissens Genuine Quality standards, to provide workshops with premium grade replacement components, which operate to the same performance levels as the original equipment (OE) part, to deliver an aftermarket solution they can depend on.

As a result, Nissens radiators are produced with sturdy, durable and high performance core construction with advanced aluminium brazing technology. Among a number of design features that ensure their suitability are cores that are equipped with double folded fins that reinforce them against mechanical damage, but also increases the total heat exchanging surface, for more efficient cooling.

Finally another huge benefit for workshops is that Nissens radiators are delivered with everything that is needed for easy and straightforward installation. So, dependant on the application, any caps, O-rings, nuts, clamps, plugs, gaskets, circlips, bolts, screws, hose clips and washers etc., that are required, are supplied in the box.

When it comes to the constantly growing range, the 3,000 part numbers cover more than 12,000 OE references that provide for 93% and 76% of the European conventional and hybrid/electric vehicle parc respectively.

In addition to radiators, the Nissens thermal management range also encompasses engine cooling (EC) fans, expansion tanks, oil coolers and water pumps, as well as a recently added range of EC sensors. In total, these products total more than 2,700 part numbers, covering in excess of 14,000 OE references.

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