Thinkcar rolls out collaborative remote diagnostics 

Access to vehicle manufacturer level diagnostics has long posed a challenge for independent garages. And yet, ever-advancing automotive technologies have made them increasingly indispensable, even for routine servicing and maintenance.

Thinkcar aims to address the age-old issue of data access through its pioneering remote diagnostics offering. It’s a solution for workshops that don’t have access to manufacturer diagnostic platforms.

“With Thinkcar’s remote programming services, no vehicle repair is beyond the capabilities of an independent garage,” said Alex Gillbanks Managing Director of Impact Diagnostics, the supplier behind Thinkcar UK. “Our aim is to empower technicians to profitably service the needs of today’s car parc.”

An ecosystem of Thinkcar workshops support each other with access to vehicle manufacturer level diagnostic platforms. Queries can either be sent to the entire network or to a specific garage.

“It means you benefit from other garages that may already have access to manufacturer diagnostic subscriptions,” said Alex. “They’ll be able to programme, calibrate and help through a direct connection with the car via a Thinkcar vehicle communication interface (VCI). Users then agree a suitable fee for the service, so it’s a win-win and we’re seeing a lot of uptake.”

With something to suit every budget, Thinkcar’s remote diagnostic solution extends across a wide range of its devices, including the Thinkcar Max, Thinkcar X10S, Thinkcar X5, and the recently added Euro Master X.

Technicians simply tap the ‘remote diagnosis’ for access to technical support, enabling the seamless initiation for module replacement and calibration, for example. Text, images and diagnostic reports can be exchanged throughout the process and, with the Thinktool X10S and X5, video and voice guidance ensures it’s a pain-free process.

“The Thinktool X10S and X5 serve as the ultimate ‘phone a friend’ diagnostic system,” said Alex. “They fully embody Thinkcar’s philosophy of quick, easy, and efficient diagnostics and repairs.”

Founded in Los Angeles, USA, Thinkcar emerged from a collective of automotive enthusiasts possessing expertise in vehicle maintenance and mobile connectivity. The brand quickly embarked on a mission to pair traditional vehicle diagnostics with mobile technology.

“From the outset, Thinkcar set its sights on creating diagnostic tools that not only boasted unparalleled functionality but were also compact and cost-efficient,” said Alex. “This focus on maximising functionality while minimising costs has been a hallmark of Thinkcar’s ethos, ensuring that their tools are not only advanced but also accessible.”

2022 marked a significant milestone for Thinkcar with Impact Diagnostics, a trusted name in the UK’s diagnostic and remote programming sphere, officially becoming the UK’s approved supplier. The partnership propelled Thinkcar’s multi-brand diagnostics and remote programming services across the UK.

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