Turbocharger technical support from Nissens Automotive

As the turbo is such an important element for the correct running and efficiency of the engine, when problems arise and they need to be replaced, quality is key, but so too is the general support provided by the turbo manufacturer.

Responding to this joint challenge, the turbos that feature in the Nissens Automotive (Nissens) range, are not only manufactured to Genuine Nissens Quality standards to provide the durability and reliability that is required for these high performance parts, but are also backed-up with a comprehensive technical support package that delivers benefits to the factors supplying them, in addition to the obvious advantages for the installers fitting them.

A large part of this additional support comes through a highly developed training resource which offers education in various forms, from live onsite sessions, through online self-learning courses, to technical marketing materials in both print and digital formats. This knowledge is served in 15 languages and delivered by 25 dedicated technical trainers, and is available worldwide.

Included within this helpful information resource and a suite of comprehensive technical solutions that are essential for professional turbo installation, maintenance and troubleshooting, with technical bulletins focusing on specifics, such as possible carbonisation, oil degradation, exhaust sealing, oil flow restrictions, compressor wheel damage and coolant connection, as examples. The company’s e-learning, live learning and technical stories related to turbos are available at: www.nissens.com/experts

In addition to this amazing technical resource that wholesalers can direct their workshop customers to, and the great products and depth of range it offers, Nissens also supports its factor customers with exceptional reference tools to ensure the correct replacement can be quickly identified through its online catalogue and a wealth of information made available about its turbo offering at: www.nissens.com/turbos

Returning to the replacement turbos themselves, it is important to state that they are all brand new units that do not require the return of the old core or are subject to any surcharge. In addition, they are easy to install, as any necessary ancillary items – gaskets, stretch bolts and clips, prime oil, etc. – are included in the box, which makes fitting them a straightforward process, particularly as comprehensive fitting instructions in both printed and online formats are also provided.

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