UFI Filters presents multifunctional filtration module for FPT F28

UFI Filters, renowned for the development of filtration and thermal management systems for Original Equipment and the Aftermarket, confirms its long-standing partnership with FPT Industrial. The Italian group has chosen UFI diesel filter technology for its latest generation FPT F28 Stage V engine.

The integration of multiple functions into one extremely compact module are the fundamental advantages of the UFI filtration system, and have significantly contributed to the success of this product. Both the filter and diesel pre-filter are assembled in a single aluminum die-cast support and combine the function of the priming pump, heater, temperature and water presence sensors.

The temperature sensor and heater are essential for optimal thermal management of the fuel, even in the harshest environmental conditions. In fact, the engine is intended for agricultural applications, such as the Carraro ‘Agricube Pro’ range of specialised orchard and vineyard tractors. This type of electrical sensors is therefore essential to guarantee the four-cylinder engine’s operation, even in open country and during the coldest months, facilitating productivity and low engine consumption.

The priming pump is a useful element during filter element replacement operations, to correctly recharge the fuel in the circuit.

The pre-filter plays a central role in filtering the coarsest particles and performs the primary function of separating the water from the fuel. This is why it is equipped with a liquid presence sensor, which indicates when it is time to empty the separated water with a purge tap that is integrated in the sensor. It also has a mixed cellulose and synthetic filter media, developed by UFI according to its FormulaUFI.H2O material specifications, with a water separation capacity of more than 95% according to ISO 16332 and a filtration capacity capable of blocking more than 98% of particles larger than 20 microns. It thus ensures a replacement interval of up to 600 working hours. The filter can also rely on the same filtration formula, featuring a fine filtration function, with a separation capacity of more than 95% for particles up to 4μm, according to ISO 19438.

Rinaldo Facchini, CEO of the UFI Filters Group comments: “UFI Filters is synonymous with reliability, not only for light vehicles, but also for engines that need even higher performance, working in harsher environmental conditions, such as agricultural applications. Compactness, high productivity and low environmental impact are the strengths that led this 2.8-litre engine to receive the ‘Diesel of the Year 2020’ award. We are proud that we can significantly contribute to this success with a filtration system that has been jointly developed with our customer.”

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