UKS increases Optimal sales and range

UKS has come a long way in the past 12 months. Previously called Optimal UK the owners decided to move forward with UKS Distribution Limited and haven’t looked back.

Indeed, the sales for the Optimal brand through UKS has continued to increase and the product ranges has also grown.

Geoff Jones (UKS managing director) and his son Harry (UKS general manager) have made it very clear that the Optimal brand and range of products remains a significant part of their business and strategy and that has been clear for all their customers to see.

Jones said: “Although we have more exciting and market leading brands joining the UKS product portfolio on a regular basis, the Optimal offering is just as important as it has always been and we are still putting a huge amount of concentration into it and the results prove this. Not only are our existing Optimal customers benefitting from our offering, but new customers are joining up all the time.”

Optimal Automotive GmbH has been a supplier in the automotive industry since 1992 and much of its UK success is down to UKS Distribution.

UKS general manager Harry Jones commented, “All products supplied by Optimal Automotive GmbH are from OEMs and quality suppliers around the world. This high quality has allowed UKS’ Optimal offering to continue its growth and has given customers and suppliers alike the confidence in the brand and its products.”

Optimal’s steering & suspension range is TÜV Certified, which means it offers customers the top level of quality in its entire range and can give them peace of mind that these products have the highest safety test levels and quality checks in the aftermarket.

UKS supplies UK and Irish customers a comprehensive range of high spec Optimal parts, inc;

Shock absorbers and accessory kits
Wheel bearing kits
Steering & suspension
Brake pads
Brake discs
ABS sensors
Camshaft & crankshaft sensors
Belt tensioner kits

Commenting on the exciting future, Geoff Jones said: “I still feel part of the wider OPTIMAL family. They continue to be a great help to us and that has played a major role in allowing UKS to continue to establish the Optimal brand in the competitive UK and Irish markets.”

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