Vehicles failing MOT in record numbers over emissions and how this UK-based fuel additive can help

In May 2018, stricter emissions tests came into force which in turn have added to a huge rise in MOT failures due to emissions. In 2020, a staggering 1.3 million vehicles failed on emissions with that number expected to rise again for 2022.

With September and October expected to be a busy period for MOT testing, leading UK fuel and exhaust system cleaner manufacturer Cataclean demonstrate and evidence how using their 8-in-1 fuel and exhaust system cleaner can help reduce emissions and help a vehicle pass its MOT.

Carbon build-up is a natural by-product of combustion and if left unchecked can cause issues like rough idling, reduced fuel economy, engine management lights, increased emissions and poor performance among other issues. Using Cataclean’s 8-in-1 fuel and exhaust system cleaner can help fix and prevent these issues and prolong the life of costly engine components.

Cataclean’s message is simple, explains Sales Director William Jones:
“You add Cataclean to your fuel tank and the liquid is carried, with the fuel, through the fuel system, cleaning carbon build-up as it comes into contact with it. Cataclean’s 8-in-1 fuel and exhaust system cleaner cleans everything the fuel comes into contact with, including the fuel injectors, fuel lines, cylinder heads, intake valves and oxygen sensors. Then upon combustion in the combustion chamber, Cataclean creates a vapour that continues through the system to clean carbon from catalytic converter, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and EGR Valves.”

Brand ambassador and British Touring Car Championship racing driver Dan Rowbottom uses Cataclean in his workshop and is fully supportive of its benefits.

“Most people use Cataclean as a ‘rescue-me’ product,” he explains. “However, once you have used it and passed that MOT, we find motorists see the benefits, not just in passing the MOT but better fuel economy, better performance and better emissions. Using Cataclean every 3 months can clean and prevent carbon build-up and make sure the engine is running as intended.”

“It’s not just the MOT that Cataclean helps with,” says Rowbottom. “Cataclean looks after your car for the long-term. I’ve had cars in the garage with sticking injectors, EGR Valve issues and catalyst problems, that Cataclean has fixed, some of these had come in expecting massive costs for replacement parts.”
Holman, previously known as ARI, a leading fleet management company put Cataclean to the test in conjunction with the RAC. With the use of Cataclean, emissions were reduced on average by 24% and improved fuel economy by 9.7% and provided a direct benefit to the diesel particulate filter (DPF) service life/regeneration cycle.

Matt Cranny, operations director at ARI, said: “ARI is constantly looking at ways to improve the performance of its customers’ fleet and benefit the bottom line.

“We were keen to put Cataclean to the test on the streets of London and are convinced by the results.

“Besides the impressive fuel economy and emissions performance, the van drivers in the study reported improved drivability, claiming that the vehicles seemed more responsive and that they noticed they did not fill up as much.”

With 1000’s of 5 star reviews online and positive independent reviews, Cataclean is available to workshops, garages and the auto industry in 5 Litre containers with free decanter jugs and to consumers in 500ml bottles. Available from Halfords and all leading motor factors.

Holman/ARI Test Results:
NOx emissions were reduced by 16%
Carbon monoxide was reduced by 24%
Hydrocarbons were reduced by 32%
Fuel economy was improved by 9.7%
The interval between each DPF regeneration process increased by 21 per cent, from every 169 miles to 215 miles. DPF service life increased by 1,344 miles to 124,224 miles.

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