Mirka’s multi-million Euro commitment to sustainability

Mirka is publishing its 2022 Sustainability Report highlighting its global Clean Commitments (Performance, Partner, Production, Proactivity), spearheaded by a 30M€ development funding acquired from Business Finland for the innovative SHAPE project and its ecosystem.

Ring, ring – staycations are calling!

As the summer approaches, many Brits will be thinking about their annual holiday and one that’s been popular since COVID and was also boosted by the fantastic weather last year, is the staycation.

Ring upgrades its MAGFlex Twist inspection lamp

Following its policy to consistently develop and improve, Ring has upgraded its MAGFlex Twist to conform with EU laws that are coming into force and provide a new, better and brighter inspection lamp for professionals in a host of different industries.

TRICO warns of UV damage to blades

As the warm weather looks like it’s here to stay, TRICO is warning of the damage UV rays can do to wiper blades, which will present sales opportunities to factors and workshops.